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EB86 Magnetic Flap Level Indicator

EB86 Magnetic Flap Level Indicator

Liquid level measurement in open or pressure vessel.

Based on its special design, this instrument is especially suitable for use in corrosive, harmful or inflammable media and harsh
environment. Field level indication does not require power. The instrument can also be selectively installed simultaneously or
separately with a teletransmission system and a limit switch

  • The structure is simple and firm. Advanced technology, novel design

  • The indicating part is sealed off from the measuring part

  • Suitable for poor operating conditions and environment

  • It has reliable function for liquid/liquefied gas with a density of 0.5kg/l

  • Large scale, easy to read

  • Have PTFE liner or hard plastic of different types

  • Pressure rating: Standard type 4.0mPa min; Medium type: 6.3mPa; High type: 10.0mPa, 16.0-42.0 mPa

  • Temperature: Standard 120 ℃ max.; Medium  220 ℃ max. ; High: 450 ℃ max.

  • The interface between two liquid media with a density difference of 0.1kg/l or greater can be measured

  • The indicator can be replaced, with limit switches (1-4) and remote transmission system added

  • Output: 4-20Ma (HART)

  • It can be used in hazardous areas