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M-DP DP transmitters

M-DP DP transmitters

M-DP measures differential pressure in a different way. It has two separate
absolute resistance pressure sensors to create separate pressure information
for the microprocessor. The microprocessor then performs digital correction
and calculation of differential pressure, static pressure and temperature or
flow. The structure is compact and strong, making it easy to connect to any
primary element.

Product Intruduction:

  • Alternative solution for expensive differential pressure transmitter

  • Allow peak pressure on one side

  • Digital calibration of measured values

  • Easily adjustable differential pressure range

  • 2-wire, analog output

  • An adjustable alarm output

  • Compact structure

  • Differential pressure, flow, or level measurement.

Technical specifications

  • Pressure rating: 10,25 or 50 bar

  • Differential pressure range: adjustable within standard range

  • Output: 4-20 mA(2-wire) or 0-10 V (3-wire)

  • Temperature compensation range: - 10 ° C to 80 ° C

  • Accuracy: <0.05% FS (typical value)

  • Resolution: <0.002%

  • Long-term stability: <0.1%