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Pressure Transmitter EPT60

Pressure Transmitter EPT60

The EPT60 series pressure transmitter has flexible modular structure and can be combined with different process connections.
Designed for the food, beverage, dairy, beer and pharmaceutical industries.

Product Introduction

  • Hygienic design,  filling of silicone oil conforms to FDA standards

  • Vey little amount of filling oil (0.25ml) and therefore not affected by the temperature change of the medium

  • Multiple process connections to meet customers' individual needs

  • The solid diaphragm directly senses the pressure of the media without pressure medium

  • The multimaterial diaphragm is suitable for all kinds of complex working conditions

  • High precision and stability

  • LCD display

  • Autozero button

Technical specifications

  • Ambient temperature: - 20 ° C to 80 ° C

  • Working temperature: - 20 ° C to 150 ° C (200 ° C for short time)

  • Stainless steel housing, IP67

  • Accuracy: 0.1% FS; 0.2% FS. 0.35% FS

  • Exia IIC T4 (Nemko)

  • Output: 4-20ma; HART. Modbus RS485,

  • Measuring range: Min. 0-2.4 mbar;  Max. 0 to 150 bar