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Gas turbine flowmeter

Gas turbine flowmeter

Optimized designed and developed on the basis of the theories of gas
mechanics, fluid mechanics and electromagnetism, the gas turbine
flowmeter is a new-generation high-precision, high-reliability gas measuring
instrument with temperature, pressure, flow sensor and intelligent flow

Product Introduction:

The gas turbine flowmeter has excellent low pressure and high pressure measuring performance, various types of ourput, low sensitivity
to fluid disturbance, it is widely used in the measurement of natural gas, coal gas, liquefied gas and light hydrocarbon gas, etc.

Main features:

  • High accuracy up to +/-1.5%R, +/-1.0%R;

  • Low initial flow rate, low pressure loss

  • Good performance of anti - vibration and anti - pulsation flow

  • Not easy to corrode, good reliability, long service life

  • A rectifier with good rectifying performance is designed to reduce the demand of front and rear straight pipe sections

  • Very high turndown up to 1:30

  • New microprocessor and high performance integrated chip, high precision, powerful function, superior performance

  • According to the flow frequency signal, the coefficients can be automatically corrected in a linear way in maximum 8 sections.

  • The calculation precision of the instrument can be improved according to the needs of users

  • Flowmeter can be rotated by 180 degrees, easy to install and maintain

  • Good repeatability. The short-term repeatability can reach 0.05%R ~ 0.2%R, which is the preferred flowmeter in trade settlement

    due to its good repeatability.

  • Independent core design, good interchangeability, easy maintenance

  • The unique self-lubricating system enables the product to be used without maintenance or less maintenance