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Liquid turbine flowmeter

Liquid turbine flowmeter

Optimized design, simple structure, light weight and high precision, good
repeatability, responsive, easy installation and maintenance.

Product Introduction

The liquid turbine flowmeter is widely used in measurement of the liquid in a closed pipe. The liquid shall not be corrosive to
stainless lCr18Ni8Ti,  2Cr13 and Corundum A1203 hard alloy, it shall also not contain impurities such as fiber and particles.
The Kinematic viscosity under normal working temperature shall not exceed 5 x I0-6 m2 / s. If the kinematic viscosity is greater
than 5 x I0-6 m2 / s, the flowmeter shall be calibrated against real liquid. If it is used together with display instrument with
special functions, it can also carry out quantitative control, excessive alarm, etc., It is an ideal instrument for flow measurement
and energy saving

Main features

  • High precision up to +/-1%R, +/- 0.5%R, and even 0.2%R;

  • Good repeatability, short-term repeatability could reach 0.05% ~ 0.2%, 

  • Pulse frequency output, suitable for total measurement and computer connection, no zero drift, strong anti-interference ability;

  • The original pulse frequency range (10Hz~ 1.5khz) , hig signal resolution.

  • Turndown up to 1:20;

  • Compact and lightweight structure, convenient installation and maintenance, large flow-through capacity;

  • High pressure measurement is applicable. 

  • Can be turned to plug-in type for large pipe size, low pressure loss, low cost, can be removed without interruption of flow

  • Convenient installation and maintenance.