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Vortex Street Flowmeter

Vortex Street Flowmeter

As a kind of velocity flowmeter, vortex flowmeter is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, light industry and power heating.

Product Introductdion:

  • No moving parts, long-term stability, simple structure for installation and maintenance;

  • Pulse frequency output linear to flow, zero drift, very stable performance

  • Inline and plug-in sensors

  • High accuracy, +/-1.0% for liquids and +/-1.5% for gases

  • Wide measuring range, 1:20 in the range of 2 * 104~7 * 106 Reynolds number.

  • Small pressure loss

  • Flexible installation mode, depending on the field process pipeline, can be horizontal, vertical and different

    Angle tilt installation;

  • Noise cancellation circuit and anti-vibration sensor head are adopted, which have certain anti-environment

    vibration performance

  • The single chip microcomputer technology of ultra-low power consumption is adopted. A 3V10AH lithium ion

    battery can be used for more than 5 years

  • The software modifies the non-linearity of the instrument coefficient to improve the measurement accuracy

  • EEPROM protecting the accumulated flow rate from power loss for more than 10 years


  • Measuring media: medium and high velocity media such as steam, compressed air, coal gas, liquid, etc

  • Standard:JB/T9249-2015

  • Flange connection: DN15-300;

  • Wafer connection: DN15-300

  • Accuracy: liquid: ±1%; Gas or Steam: ±1.5%, ±1%

  • Turndown: 1:10,1:15,1:20

  • Material: SS304, SS316L

  • Output: pulse signal, 4~20mA 

  • Communications: RS485, HART, etc.

  • Explosion-proof level: ExdIICT6 Gb