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Metal Tube Rotameter / 
Metal Tube Rotameter

Metal Tube Rotameter

Metal Tube Rotameter is a flow meter measuring the instantaneous and
cumulative flow of fluid (liquid, gas and steam) through a closed pipe.
It uses the dynamic action of the fluid to make the float move up in the
vertical installation of the measuring tube. The displacement of the float
is proportional to the size of the flow. Through the magnetic drive system,
the float displacement is transferred to the indicator directly indicating the
size of the flow in a non-contact manner. It can also offer 4-20 mA, HART,
low and high alarm with an extra flow PCB installed.

Product Introduction:

The metal tube rotameter has two types of indicators:

  • Mechanical indicator:

        stainless steel stamping forming, surface polishing, hygienic type

        Mechanical pointer indicates field flow, lightweight and beautiful structure

  • Digital indicator

        Modular design, Exia and Exd function, 2 wire (4-20mA) and HART

Typical applications:

Flow measurement and process control of liquid, gas and steam media in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy,
electric power, food, pharmaceutical, papermaking and other industries.