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Plug-in Magmeter

Plug-in Magmeter

Developed on basis of inline electromagnetic flowmeter, the plug-in mag-
meter measures the average flow velocity of the fluid, so as to get the volume
flow of fluid. In particular, after adopting the technology of tapping and
mounting with pressure, the plug-in magmeter can be installed without
stopping water. It can be installed on the cast iron pipe and cement pipe.
The successful development of plug-in magmeter provides a new method for measuring fluid flow.

  • Easy to install, no need to stop fluid, tapping on site with pressure

  • Suitable for water, sewage, acid, strong alkali and other conductive liquid, the change of conductivity does not affect

    the change in performance. Especially suitable for flow measurement of drainage pipes.

  • No moving parts, 

  • Optimized converter is compact in structure and easy to install. The transducer and sensor are interchangeable and can

    change the measuring range freely (0.5m/s~10m/s).

  • The measurement only relates to the depth of insertion, so the flow meter has wide versatility and strong interchangeability.

    One model can be applied to the fluid measurement of pipes of various specifications. It can be connected to any standard

    secondary instrument.

        (a) 4 ~ 20 ma

        (b) pulse output can be set

        (c) RS485 interface, HART communication protocol, MODBUS protocol.

  • Measuring range automatic switching function to ensure accurate measurement within the full range.

  • Bi-directional flow meter, the customer can choose forward or reverse flow meter.

  • The upper and lower limit alarm. The user can set the upper and lower instantaneous flow as required. When the flow exceeds

    the upper and lower limit, the buzzer will alarm or have relay output (optional by the user).

  • Empty pipe alarm. 

  • Power off protection, flow meter operation results and user-set parameters will not be lost after power off, EEPROM can save

    setting parameters and accumulated values.

  • Small signal removal function. The user can set the lower limit of power through the display panel, so as to remove the interference

    small signal

  • The instrument uses the principle of "automatic return to zero" to eliminate electrochemical interference signals and stabilize zero


  • Multiple levels of protection and installation of sensors are available, including IP68 for submersible installation.