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Eletta (Beijing) Instruments Co., Ltd.

Compact DP Flow Monitors / 
Electronic Type II

Electronic Type II

The Eletta Flow Monitors function is based on the proven and dependable
differential pressure principle. This is perhaps the oldest and most widely
used principle for flow metering, mainly because of its simplicity and its
relatively low cost.

Product Introduction

  • Rugged and sturdy compact DP Flow Monitor

  • Digital back-lit display for direct flow reading

  • Liquid and gases can be measured

  • Local alarms and analog/frequency output

  • Simulation of outputs possible

  • Economical alternative to more expensive Flow Monitors

  • Built in re-settable flow totalizer

  • Flow linerazation possible

  • RS485 communication available

Technical specifications

  • Measuring medium: gas and liquid

  • Flow range: 0.4 to 25,000 L / min.

  • Diameter size: DN15-500

  • Output: 4-20mA analog, 200-1000Hz frequency, pulse;

  • Alarm: 2 groups of independent adjustable relay

  • Protection class: IP65 (NEMA4)

  • Pressure rating: PN16 / ANSI150lbs

  • Power supply: 24 VDC

  • Installation direction: horizontal / vertical

  • Other features:

    LCD display with 90 ° rotation;

    cumulative flow display (zero returnable);

    optional interface language;

    optional flow unit; analog output function;

    adjustable reaction time